The sisters of Alpha Delta Pi would like to warmly welcome you to the Iota Chapter here at Florida State University; A place where our sisters are constantly creating unforgettable moments and sharing memories. Alpha Delta Pi is the first national sorority founded in 1851 to promote the empowerment of women through the bonds of sisterhood and shared values. Our women here at Florida State University exemplify inspired character, motivated leadership, devoted scholarship and inner beauty, which are the cornerstones of our sisterhood. Alpha Delta Pi is more than a group of sincere, intelligent and empowered women; it is a space where women can grow and graduate FSU being more successful than they ever thought possible.

While we are proud of the diversity of our chapter, we also share a common bond through the ritual and sisterhood of Alpha Delta Pi. Alpha Delta Pi is a sisterhood created by meaningful friendships that thrive and grow not just during each of our undergraduate experiences, but for a lifetime. Our deep commitment and endless love for one another is something that makes our chapter as true to sisterhood as it is. "We Live For Each Other", is our open motto and truly expresses the sisterhood shared between every Alpha Delta Pi. Each sister strives to become a well-balanced woman, while motivating the sisters around her to live-out her full potential. This Chapter provides opportunity and encouragement for our sisters and because of this, we are outstanding leaders, scholars, and servants throughout Florida State's campus and in the Tallahassee community.

Each member of Alpha Delta Pi is able to reach their absolute highest potential, letting the beauty in their hearts shine. ADPi is a home that fosters potential in young women, we love giving our sisters the platform to share their thoughts, opinions, and passions. Our sisterhood, held close to our hearts today, will continue to strengthen through the years, well after the college days are over. From the first moment you step through our doors, I hope you begin to experience the warmth of growing sisterhood and love. I invite you to explore our website and hopefully catch a glimpse at what Alpha Delta Pi means to each of us!



Leila Sabet, President | Iota chapter, Alpha Delta Pi


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